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About Us

Ben and Lucille Burks

Burks Industries was founded in 1967 by Ben H. and Lucille C. Burks.  The foundation of the company was based on Ben's untarnished reputation as a person whose word one could trust and whose integrity was unquestionable.  The company's main product lines included industrial sewing machines, cutting equipment and general supplies for the apparel industry.  Ben was widely respected in the industry as a true professional.  This history represents the strong foundation on which the rich heritage of Burks Industries was built.

Upon Ben's death in 1979, the company became dormant and remained so until 2004.  In that year, two of Ben's sons, Ben H. Burks III, Barclay J. Burks and a grandson, Ben H. Burks IV brought life back to the company.  This new effort included the establishment of a manufacturing facility designed to produce Specialty Auto Parts and Furniture Hardware.  It has been a successful endeavor, and Burks Industries now holds several patents. Additionally, Barclay individually holds several patents in the building and construction industry.

The more recent success notwithstanding, Burks Industries mission continues to be defined by the heritage its founders built, to supply innovative quality products while providing its customers excellent service at a competitive price.  While being true to its mission, the company will always strive to earn the trust and confidence of all of those with which it deals through honesty and integrity.

Our historical heritage and the very foundation on which the company was built demands that this pledge be renewed every day.  As such, all of our hardware products, including hinges and slides are KCMA certified thus ensuring a lifetime of trouble free use.  This same pledge stands behind every product that Burks Industries produces.

                        Managing Board                                               Manager Asia Pacific

Seated;  Ben H. Burks IV; Wenona Burks VanDerhei                      Renee Yang

Standing On Left Barclay J. Burks on the right Ben H. Burks III

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